Box Hockey At Its Best ™ Is H-Box® Hockey

Box hockey at its best ™ is H-Box® hockey, bar none !

Box hockey is more like real hockey, more exercise, more fun and helps develop on-ice skills in a way that air hockey and bubble hockey cannot even approach.

H-Box® is Box Hockey At Its Best™

Box hockey has been around a long time.  The earliest games were played way back in the 1800s with tournaments being held between Canadian and American teams.  These early games were played on boxes made out of wood.  While home builders still make box hockey games out of wood we’ve coma a long way since those days.  Most recently International Sports began the manufacturing of the H-Box box hockey alternative to air and bubble hockey right here in the United States.

Some of the advantages H-Box® has over its competition are:

  1. Manufactured from high density polyethylene the box is stronger and smoother than both wooden and plastic injection molded products
  2. The high density polyethylene, combined with structural foam molding makes the product lighter and stronger at the same time
  3. The H-Box is FAST !  The H-Box is unique in that it has rounded corners so it is almost impossible to trap the puck and prevent it from moving making the H-Box a fast paced game and a great workout
  4. The H-Box uses a regular NHL regulation ice hockey puck to which very thin two round decals are attached to improve speed
  5. The H-Box is designed as a real, proportionately scaled, ice hockey rink
  6. The H-Box can be quickly assembled and disassembled for storage, or simply hung on the basement or garage wall or tipped up behind a couch when not in use
  7. The H-Box simply looks better too !

Check out the fastest game on two feettm. You can see the H-Box in action with the Florida Panthers, Minnesota Wild, Tampa Bay Lightning, Anaheim Ducks, New Jersey Devils, Los Angeles KingsOttawa Senators and Arizona Coyotes TODAY !

Nordy goes Wild
Nordy goes Wild

NHL Players, coaches, parents and grandparents all agree – when there’s no ice, the H-Box is great to increase stamina, build strength, improve skills and enjoy the fun and thrill of face-to-face competition.

The H-Box is, without question, one of the best tools available for developing stick speed, and hand eye coordination.  In addition, it is an excellent off-ice tool for assessing competitive spirit, a must for all coaches that have to pick players for an elite / traveling team player team.

O.P – Elite Player Coach and Scout

Whether you are a hockey player or a ringette player, H-Box® is sure to be the most fun you experience at home, off-ice, ever!

Own yours today and get involved in local tournaments. Just click on the link below.


Check out John Tucker, NHL Alumni playing H-Box with his son, or Nordy of the Minnesota Wild playing with some fans at the H-Box booth at Let’s Play Hockey Expo 2014 in St. Paul Minnesota, or the Vancouver Canucks voice Mr. O’ Canada, Mark Donnelly enjoying H-Box with a fan.

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