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2016-17 Hockey Season Is Imminent

Yes, it’s true, the 2016-17 hockey season is imminent.  That means all that work you put in over the summer to stay in shape, hone your skills off ice and the sweat of the hockey camp are about to be put the test !

For many of you, you are already well into rep. team and traveling team tryouts.  Good luck to you all !  We know from our own days in minor, school and junior hockey that it can be a stressful process, even for coaches !  As a player you want to be at your peak, as a coach you want to make sure you don’t miss that player with the flair just because he or she is feeling under the weather the week you run your tryouts !

Stress !  A certain amount of stress is good for you but, phew, this much ?

We hope you have had a chance to get some time on the original box hockey from International Sports Corporation – yes, that’s the H-Box® Pro !  The H-Box® is a great way to build your skills, your quickness and your hand eye co-ordination.  It is also an awesome way to just have fun !

While it may look like we have had a quiet summer we have been quietly shipping the H-Box® around the country to youth camps, church groups, parks and rec. centers, schools and yes, even NHL® Hockey clubs and – shhh – a purveyor of NHL® registered goodies (press release coming soon).  You might even see us howling at the moon somewhere this season !

More news is coming within the next few days.  You are going to be seeing a lot more of H-Box® this year, the original box hockey from International Sports Corporation !