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Amazon Store Inventory Issues

UPDATE:  H-Box® Pro available again on Amazon through ERA Enterprises Ltd., follow the link !

Amazon store inventory issues are causing independent vendors such as ourselves heartburn.

It appears that Amazon also has technical problems from time to time.  We have heard from a number of Amazon vendors that they are experiencing problems with their products not showing up as available.

We are also experiencing these Amazon store inventory issues despite our product being in-stock and all of the product information remaining unchanged for the past 12 months.  These Amazon store inventory issues are not limited to our company and appear to be affecting a number of vendors.

We will let you know as soon as we know.  In the meantime, you can safely order your H-Box® off our web site.  We process all our payments through PayPal and we do not store any payment information on our systems.

Please remember, if you are ordering for Christmas you should place your order by the 15th of December at the latest.  On the other hand, you could order before the end of November and get 10% off !  If you don’t want your H-Box® shipped before the 15th of December send us a note when ordering and we will hold onto it until then.  We ship FedEx only so if the weather cooperates you should have no problem receiving your H-Box® in time.