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Box Hockey For Christmas

Many of you will be planning on ordering H-Box® box hockey for Christmas as it makes a great family sized gift.  We sold more than 50% of all shipments in 2014 between November and December 19th.  We are happy with that and expect to see a similar buying pattern this year.

What I do want to do is encourage you that when buying your box hockey for Christmas to consider the time it takes to ship the H-Box® around the country.

We have plenty of inventory at this time and are ready to ship same-day if you order a standard unit – i.e. one pair of sticks (regardless of length).  However, if you want to order an additional pair of sticks at the 50% discounted ‘First Order Pair’ rate this will usually add a couple of hours to shipping and, frequently, mean that your H-Box® box hockey game will not be picked up by FedEx until the a day later.

We ship all our box hockey games by FedEx Ground (to commercial addresses) or FedEx Home (which is also ground, for residential addresses).  Generally, FedEx quotes 4 business days for ground delivery in most places in the United States but they make no guarantees.

Another consideration is that there is a risk that FedEx might damage the product while in transit.  We had this happen once last year – which is not much in terms of percentages but if you are the customer it is 100% – and it caused the customer a degree of stress while we tried to get another part shipped urgently before Christmas.  As it turned out, we were able to deliver the replacement so that they were able to gift their box hockey for Christmas on time !

One last suggestion.  If you are considering purchasing an air hockey table, or a Foosball® table, or perhaps even a bubble hockey or ping-pong table, may we respectfully suggest you consider the H-Box® Pro Box Hockey product as an alternative.  The H-Box® is a very strong product, it is placed on the floor to play and tips up out of the way when not in use.  When not in use the H-Box® can take up as little as 5″ in depth along a basement or garage or family room wall.  Far less space than a folding ping-pong table and definitely much less space than an air hockey or bubble hockey table !

Why pay as much as $800 for an air hockey table when, for just half that price, you can have a game that far more accurately resembles ice hockey !  Order Today !