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Box Hockey Is Not Just For Hockey Fans

Box hockey is not just for hockey fans alone.  Box hockey has been played since the late 1800s all over North America, but mostly in the North East in the early days.  Teams from Canada and the United States used to compete on plain, square boxes that could best be described as ‘home made’. It’s true that many of the early players were hockey fans and even hockey players.

Back in 1914, the New York State College of Agriculture recommended box hockey in this manner:

“Box hockey is an excellent active game for picnics camps and playgrounds. It can also be adapted to indoor recreation if the floor upon which it is played is well padded with old rugs to prevent being damaged with the hockey sticks.”

In the 1930s and 40s it was fairly common for small towns to host box hockey tournaments.  Interest in box hockey has waxed and waned through the years and today is experiencing a resurgence of interest, helped in no small part by H-Box® hockey and the H-Box® Pro Hockey box.

The game is played today on products like the H-Box® Pro Hockey box from International Sports Corporation.  Our product is the most sophisticated of the products available today with a high tech. high density polyethylene molded base.  The advanced features of the resin combined with the structural foam molding process give the H-Box® box hockey product a significant strength advantage over plastic injection molded product and even wooden products.  Furthermore, the resin provides a surface that allows a regulation NHL® ice hockey puck to move smoothly and quickly across the surface and bounce in a natural way off the walls.

US Air Hockey Association - World Championships
H-Box® at the US Air Hockey Association World Championships

The H-Box® box hockey game is the only product of its type with rounded corners.  This provides an additional advantage when looking for a high speed game as it becomes almost impossible to trap the puck and prevent it from being moved.  The result is a high speed, competitive, exciting game that girls, boys, men and women all enjoy.

The H-Box® is very frequently purchased by grandparents for their grandchildren.  In fact, it is a game that grandparents can play against their grandchildren without being at a disadvantage !

In addition to being widely purchased by grandparents, college students are buying the H-Box® for use both on campus and at home during breaks.  From Boston University to Tampa, the H-Box® is widely used as a fraternity activity to replace the aging Foosball® and air hockey tables.

The H-Box® Box Hockey product has been designed to be strong enough to be used by recreation and parks, in tournaments and by adults.  It has also been designed to be economical enough for parents to purchase and encourage their kids to get off the couch and get their game on !