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Box Hockey Quick Build Kit Update

We introduced the H-Box® Box Hockey Quick Build Kit earlier this year to make it easier for those that were thinking about building their own Lowes / Home Depot special.  That kit, while complete in terms of what you would end up with building your own out of ply wood and 2×4″, did not include sticks and pucks, you had to supply your own.

We have been so successful with the Box Hockey Quick Build kit, at $249 it doesn’t cost much more than the Lowes special but plays a heck of a lot better and weighs a lot less, we decided we would throw in a puck and a pair of sticks.

This is what the original, completed, H-Box® Box Hockey Quick Build Kit looks like:

H-Box® Box Hockey Quick Build Kit
H-Box® Box Hockey Quick Build

Now, we include a free H-Box®, NHL® regulation, enhanced movement puck, and two free, adult length, fiberglass sticks with nylon stick caps.  We don’t attach the stick caps, you do that at home.  This will make it easy for you to cut the sticks to the length you need if you need them shorter.  Then you gently tap the nylon caps onto the ends and using either hockey stick tape or a rivet, make sure they won’t slip off.  If you don’t use a glue (which will also act as a lubricant while you are attaching the caps), or the hockey stick tape or a rivet, during the course of play the nylon caps will warm up and slide off.

H-Box® Box Hockey Quick Build free fiberglass sticks
H-Box® Fiberglass sticks

So, for $249 you get a complete, ready to build H-Box® Box Hockey Quick Build Kit including sticks and puck.  You can take this Box Hockey Quick Build Kit out of the box on Christmas day, if you order before December 10th, have it assembled in an hour, and play the rest of the day away (and work off some of those extra calories from Thankgiving :)) !

P.S.  We apologize for the inconvenience, but Amazon has blown up our Amazon store listings.  They have been working on it for over a week now without success.  You can feel safe ordering off our web site.  All transactions are handled by PayPal so your information is secure.

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