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Box Hockey Quick Build Kit

H-Box® Box Hockey Quick Build Kit
H-Box® Quick Build

Here at H-Box® hockey we are pleased to announce, new for the 2017 Christmas season, the Box Hockey Quick Build Kit !

We recognize there are a lot of do-it-yourself-ers out there.  After all, what can be better than dad and kids building their own game and then playing the game they built ?   This is quality family time with dad and there isn’t anything better.

Consequently, we are pleased to announce the H-Box® box hockey build your own hockey box kit.

You could go to Home Depot or and but the necessary materials to build a far inferior product at a similar cost, excluding the 2 days it will take you to measure, cut, sand and paint your homebuilt box hockey kit…or you can buy the H-Box® Pro quick-build kit.  We’ve stripped the kit down to the minimum you need to get very similar results to purchasing a completed H-Box® pro pre-built product.

With the box hockey quick build kit from H-Box® you get everything necessary to assemble the complete base.  If you want to make it look like a rink you can add paint.  All you need apart from that is a couple of sticks and a puck (we recommend the Green Biscuit puck), and you are ready to play.

This quick build kit is comprised of exactly the same quality components as the H-Box® Pro game but will cost you almost 50% less.

Check out the details today on the product page and order your kit in time for Christmas !