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Christmas Shipping

Here at International Sports Corporation, the manufacturers of the original box hockey product, H-Box®, we use Federal Express ground exclusively for Christmas shipping.

Generally speaking, FedEx Ground and FedEx Home, Fedex ground delivery to residential addresses, will take 4 business days to anywhere in the Lower 48 States.  For some Western States that can be as short as 2 business days and, occasionally, depending on the ultimate destination, delivery can take 5 business days.

The weather can also have an impact on delivery, particularly in the North East but also sometimes in the North West.  Weather isn’t usually a problem in the South.

To guarantee your H-Box® box hockey from International Sports Corporation meets the Christmas Shipping time line and arrives at its destination in time for Christmas be sure to get your order placed by December 19th.  You could place your order on December 20th and request Saturday delivery – or pickup at a specified FedEx facility but that’s risky !

Don’t be disappointed, order early !