Design and Manufacturing

I was doing really well until this 12 year old came and thrashed me. I used to play ice hockey in college. I can’t believe I have got so badly out of shape ! Well, that’s going to change, I’m going to get me one of these H-Box hockey boxes.

Jay S, California

Allen Hepworth. VP Engineering.

The H-Box hockey box sports activity was designed to be ecologically friendly and safe. We took particular care in our engineering and choice of materials to maximize durability while not making compromises on the use of ecologically sound green materials. Consequently, we are pleased to be able to say with confidence that you can expect to enjoy many years of use with the purchase of your H-Box sports activity while being comfortable that the materials are not toxic to you or the environment.

The H-Box Sports Activity is designed and manufactured:

  • Using extremely strong, environmentally friendly PE structural foam
  • Incorporates UV inhibitors to protect the materials from UV rays and extend useful life
  • Is rated to withstand temperatures to – 30°C (in case you would prefer to play H-Box than ice hockey)
  • Proprietary light-weight sticks with nylon tips
  • Rubber puck identical in weight and size to that used in the NHL for ice hockey
  • Smooth surfaces and rounded corners for accelerated playing action
  • Made of 100% recyclable materials