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Dont Get Boxed Into A Corner

You’re just inside the blue line in your end, playing on the off wing.  Your defense man has the puck behind the net and he’s getting some pressure.  He moves the puck quickly to the opposite side as your center curls across in front of the net to pick it up and moves quickly to the opposite blue line, dumping the puck in hard to ring it around to your side.

Seconds later you cross into opposition end where you can see their goal tender is deep in his net, there are no defense men between you and the end boards so you skate hard down the wing to pick up the puck as it comes around behind the goalie.  You’re looking, but you can’t see the puck anywhere.  It isn’t coming around the boards, it looks as though it is stuck in the opposite corner to the goalies right.  You can’t understand this, this shouldn’t happen.  Then you look at your own corner and you notice ITS SQUARE !

Good grief, you think to yourself (or something not quite so genteel), when did they start making rinks with square corners ?  Who the heck would do that and get the puck stuck in the corner ?  What kind of game is this ?

Well, of course, they don’t make ice rinks with square corners but you can imagine what it would do to the game if they did.  Anyone who has played ice hockey will tell you, square corners would just ruin the game.

Well, if they don’t make ice rinks with square corners, why would you make a box hockey game with square corners ?  Sure, it’s a lot more effort to make a box hockey game with round corners, especially if you are making it out of wood.

Getting Boxed Into A Corner
Getting Boxed Into A Corner

Then again, if you are making a mold and then going to form it out of a plastic resin, wouldn’t it make sense to make the box hockey game with round corners, just like a real rink ?

Of course it would.  Making a box hockey game, especially an original box hockey game, from the ground up, isn’t a trivial exercise.  If you are going to invest all that time and money you want to make something that looks like, and plays like, a real ice hockey rink.

Over here at H-Box®, that is exactly what we did with the H-Box® professional box hockey game.  Round corners, what a concept !

Never Get Boxed In
Never Get Boxed In (Yes, it really looks like a real rink !)

If you want a high speed, off ice, hockey game, then the H-Box® is your only option.  Not only do we have round corners, giving you high speed entertainment, but we also use a regulation NHL® ice hockey puck.  If that’s not enough for you, we can sell you a green biscuit puck which, while weighing the same as a regulation puck, moves even more quickly across the slick “ice” surface of the H-Box® box hockey game !

So, don’t get boxed into a corner, get H-Box® box hockey !  Designed by hockey players and elite level coaches, H-Box® is box hockey at its best™.