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What To Get A Hockey Nut For Christmas

I know, you think of your family as perfectly normal.  Don’t we all ?  Secretly though, we all know we’re a little crazy.  Perhaps not as crazy as some in our family, but nuts anyway.

Speaking of nuts, do you have a hockey nut in your family ?  If you do, you must ask yourself on occasion, what to get for a hockey nut for Christmas ?  Well, may we respectfully suggest an H-Box® box hockey game, the original box hockey from International Sports Corporation.

The H-Box® is a professional quality, robust, box hockey game.  Box hockey has been around since the early 1800s when tournaments used to take place regularly between Canadian and U.S. teams.  Originally made of wood, box hockey games have been distributed at various times by different companies, companies like Sears and even Mattel.

Today there are few manufacturers of box hockey product with the H-Box® being the premier product providing the most on-ice like experience.  It’s fast paced, demanding, encourages a competitive spirit, builds skills, enhances fitness and…perhaps most importantly…it’s f-u-n.

H-Box® is used by 9 NHL® teams as part of their fan engagement process, by Upper Deck Company as part of their customer engagement, by parks and recreation facilities, hockey schools, grade schools and college and university students, youth groups, church groups and at home.

Here are a couple of short video clips so you can see just how much fun H-Box® really is !

So, the answer to your question:  What To Get A Hockey Nut For Christmas ?  Answer:  H-Box® box hockey.

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