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Go Tampa Bay Lightning !

Hey, it is so great to see the Tampa Bay Lightning back in the semi-finals !  I watched game 6 the other night and what a nail biter it was.  Awesome game.  Great hockey with the refs. letting the players decide the game.

Yeah, there were a few questionable plays that could have resulted in a whistle and penalty but nothing that really deprived someone of a scoring opportunity.

We here at International Sports Corporation are big boosters for the Tampa Bay Lightning and in fact for all the NHL teams that are H-Box® Box Hockey owners.  This includes the LA Kings and Bailey, the Anaheim Ducks and Wildwing, the Ottawa Senators and Sparty, the Florida Panthers and Stanley, New Jersey Devils and Devil 00, Dallas Stars and Victor E Green, Arizona Coyotes and Howler, Minnesota Wild and Nordy.

I don’t like to point fingers, but maybe part of the reason none of the Canadian teams made it into the finals this year is because there is only one team (hint: Stanley C) that owns an H-Box®, the original box hockey game from International Sports Corporation, eh (that’s Canadian hey) ?

Anyway, tonight promises to be another great game and we are holding out for the Tampa Bay Lightning.  If you want to play H-Box box hockey during the pre-game show, or during breaks between periods, or during the after game party, head on over to the Fergs Live pub where their H-Box® should be out on the patio !