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H-Box® Box Hockey Acquired By ERA Enterprises Ltd.

We are pleased to announce that H-Box®, the premier box hockey game, has been acquired by ERA Enterprises Ltd. of Wyoming, the owners of the very popular Carton Caddy® and other products.

Negotiations took approximately 2 years to complete and final agreements were signed in the September time frame, 2018.

We are pleased to be able to inform ice hockey fans, bubble hockey fans and box hockey fans around the world that we have acquired all of the assets related to the H-Box® box hockey game from International Sports Corportion.  We are committed to supporting the product.

Allen Hepworth, President, ERA Enterprises Ltd.

H-Box® box hockey will continue to be available for sale on this site and on Amazon for the foreseeable future.  At this time there is no intention to sell the H-Box® box hockey game on the ERA Enterprises Ltd. web site at  All shipping and handling and support will be provided by ERA Enterprises Ltd.

International Sports Corporation, the company that previously owned the H-Box®, will cease operations as of December 31st 2018.

Please use the contact form to direct any inquiries as they will be automatically routed to the appropriate ERA Enterprises Ltd.

Box hockey is the game replacing more expensive hockey games like bubble hockey, table hockey and air hockey while providing additional benefits of skill development and fitness.

H-Box® is the premier box hockey game for home and commercial use and is in use by 10 National Hockey League NHL® teams.  H-Box® box hockey is played in England, Europe, Korea, Canada and the United States.  All product manufacturing and assembly is performed in the United States of America.