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H-Box® Box Hockey Available On Amazon

We are very pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement with ERA Enterprises Ltd., a very successful Amazon vendor with excellent customer service and rapport with their customers, to make the H-Box® Box Hockey available on Amazon.

This would not have been necessary had Amazon not broken our own Amazon store.  As frustrating as it is to sometimes deal with Amazon as a vendor, we recognize that as a customer – yes, we buy through Amazon too – that there is a degree of comfort that comes from being able to purchase product through Amazon.

H-Bx Box Hockey Available On Amazon
The Upper Deck Company Selects H-Box®

The owners of ERA Enterprises Ltd. have agreed to represent us while we wait for Amazon to fix our own listings.  In the meantime you can purchase from ERA Enterprises with complete confidence.

We are very happy to be able to say that we have the H-Box® Box Hockey available on Amazon again, just in time for Christmas.

The terms are the same, $499 and free shipping through the continental United States.  Yes, we will do all the drop-shipping direct from us to you, via FedEx Ground, as usual.

Make sure you allow enough time for delivery typically 4 to 6 business days en route, plus 1 day (7 days a week) for shipping from our warehouse.

The B-Box® Pro portable hockey box is already in use by ten NHL® teams and many individuals, schools and recreation facilities.  The H-Box® Box Hockey Quick Build Kit is also available on Amazon through ERA Enterprises Ltd.  The quick build kit comes with no assembly and without the decal set, leaving the owner to paint their own lines and goal mouth.

H-Box® Box Hockey Quick Build Kit
H-Box® Quick Build