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Hockey Box For Christmas !

Kings Fans Are H-Box Fans!

You know the hockey player in your family wants a hockey box for Christmas !  It’s the real thing !

Box hockey is played in a hockey box and the H-Box® Pro hockey box is provides the closest emulation of ice hockey at less than $1,000 that you can buy.  In fact, H-Box® Pro hockey box hockey is the cheapest, professional quality, off-ice hockey game you can buy.  H-Box costs hundreds of dollars less than it’s nearest competitor, The Hockey Box International game, air hockey and bubble hockey.

Heck, it’s hard to buy a decent ice hockey stick these days for less than the H-Box Pro hockey box costs !

BUT:  You must order before midday Monday 17th December 2018 if you want it delivered by Christmas.  We only ship FedEx ground and, for most locations in the United States, that takes 4 business days.  If you order before noon on Monday, that will give us 5 business days to get your new H-Box box hockey game to you before Christmas.  It’ll be cutting it close, but we can do it.

Order today !

You can purchase your hockey box right here and securely checkout through PayPal whether or not you have an account.  Alternatively, you can order through Amazon* !

Check out our web site.  There are lots of videos of kids (and adults) enjoying the activity !  Hockey Box is a great game for both girls and boys.  Coaches love the game and 9 NHL® teams are H-Box owners !

*Please note, if you order through Amazon we do honor the A-Z guarantee but we do not refund shipping costs, either outgoing or return.