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Hockey Fans Are United

It’s true, hockey fans are united about box hockey and the H-Box® box hockey game.  It’s the best thing since the invention of ice hockey and the first Stanley Cup winner ever (do you know who that was) ?

Box hockey has been around a long time, but there is only one H-Box®, the perfect gift for hockey fans of all ages, all genders and all skill levels.  It’s even better for young hockey players as it not only provides a huge amount of fun, but also helps develop the skills necessary to be an on-ice winner.  Works for ringette players too.  Don’t take our word for it, checkout Coach Chic’s web site and see what he has to say.  Or, listen to some of the comments from people that have played the game !

If you want to get your hockey fan off the couch, give them something healthy to do by giving them H-Box® this Christmas.

Do you have a son or daughter off to college ?  Give them an alternative to Foosball® or other unhealthy practices, give them H-Box®, it will be a winner in the dorm.

At just $499.00 including free shipping, you will be investing in their health, their entertainment, keeping them out of trouble and make yourself their most favored friend / relative.  What could be better ?

Follow this link and purchase your H-Box® today !

P.S.  Makes a great replacement for street hockey and a great way to keep the neighbor’s kids hanging around your house !