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LA Kings Fanfest 2015 – Part 2

We wanted to give you a gallery of some of the photos we were able to take at the LA Kings Fanfest 2015 in addition to the video gallery already posted.

I repeat – this was a great event !  It was so much fun we’d like to be able to do this again for the rest of the NHL, perhaps starting with the Anaheim Ducks, the San Jose Sharks and the Arizona Coyotes – simply because they’re nice and close and already in the H-Box® owners club.

I forgot to mention, also, that the School Of Rock stage was a couple of booths down from us so that is the music you can hear on the videos we posted here.

The little girl in pink was one of the most excited players.  She must have returned to the H-Box booth half-a-dozen times.  She’s got a great dad who obviously believes in his daughter !  Perhaps she’ll be lucky enough to get her very own H-Box for Christmas !