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Let’s Play Hockey Expo – Limited Time Offer

Last year, 2016, we decided to skip Let’s Play Hockey Expo in St. Paul.  It was a difficult decision but part of that was to pass on the savings to you, our customers.  That turned out to be the correct decision and many of you made the commitment to purchase your very own H-Box® and consequently we have decided to make a similar offer this year.

So again, we are passing some savings on to you. In order to take advantage of this limited time offer you must place your order here, on our web site, use coupon code LPH1703 when checking out, and pay in full by March 31st, 2017.

If you want to arrange for a later shipping date, please indicate that when placing your order.

Place your order here, and don’t forget to use the coupon when checking out !  Coupon Code: LPH1703 (valid in the Continental UNITED STATES only).

H-Box® Pro Hockey Box


The H-Box® Pro Portable Box Hockey game is also available on Amazon through ERA Enterprises Ltd.




The H-Box® Pro hockey box kit is a sports activity is sure to bring fun and physical fitness to you and your family !  The H-Box® is so much more than a hockey box game.  It provides real physical and emotional benefits to the players.  It will bring friends together and you won’t even need a referee !
 You can use the H-Box® Pro box hockey at your hockey school, at your youth group, your ice rink and your sports center to improve health and fitness.  The H-Box® Pro box hockey is an important tool available for improving stick skills and makes a great party activity.You could also just take one home and have fun setting up a tournament in the neighborhood !The H-Box® Pro kit comes complete with everything you need.  The ice like surface is approximately 7 feet long and 3 feet wide.  The kit includes the base and bolts necessary for assembly, two adult, youth or mite fiberglass hockey sticks, an H-Box® puck, a player’s guide and score keeping plates.Endorsed by NHL Alumni as a great training aid and as a way to keep fit while having fun the H-Box Pro hockey game is miles and away better than air hockey or bubble hockey tables.The H-Box® Pro Box Hockey box is now in use at 10 NHL teams.  Please see our partners page for more details.

NOTE:  If you want to order an additional pair of sticks, please use this link to get a pair of sticks for the price of one !

Additional information

Weight 56 lbs
Dimensions 43 × 35 × 8 in
Stick Length

, ,

Assembled Dimensions

Approx. 83" x 34" x 5.5"

While you are saving money order an extra pair of sticks and get 2 sticks for the price of 1 !  NOTE:  Only add 1 of the ‘First Order’ pair of sticks to your cart below to receive 2 of the same length.

First Order Pair Fiberglass Hockey Sticks


This is a pair of our high quality fiberglass sticks identified for delivery only with the purchase of an H-Box.  Your H-Box comes with a free, included, pair of sticks of whichever length you choose.

Only order this item when you are ordering an H-Box if you believe you need more than 2 sticks.

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The first order pair fiberglass hockey sticks is a convenient way to save 50% on an extra pair of sticks when you place your order for the H-Box.

You may order as many of these at the time of your original order as you wish but you may not order them without ordering an H-Box Pro at the same time.

The H-Box Pro portable hockey activity comes complete with a pair of fiberglass hockey sticks with a nylon tip attached at each end.  These are lightweight sticks but at the same time can withstand a significant beating.

When you order your H-Box Pro kit you will specify the length of H-Box stick you would like included in the box (adult, youth, mite / tyke).  If you wish to add additional optional sticks please select this item and indicate the length.  If you would like us to ship different lengths (perhaps 1 adult, 1 mite), please send us a note at the time you place your order.

[important]This price is per pair (2) of sticks.  You can only order this item when you are placing your initial order for an H-Box Pro hockey box.  If you order this item at any other time your order will be canceled.

Please note again, if quantity is set to 1, you will receive 2 additional sticks (a pair) for the price of one.  If set to 2 you will receive 4 additional sticks (for the price of 2).  The H-Box Pro comes with 2 sticks.[/important]

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 2 × 2 in
Stick Length

, ,

Valid in the Continental UNITED STATES only !

Here is the advertisement we are running in the Let’s Play Hockey Magazine & Show Guide for Expo 2017. The Expo runs in conjunction with the Minnesota High School Boys hockey tournament which runs March 4th and 5th at the Riverside Center in St. Paul.

The original box hockey game, H-Box®, is manufactured from high density polyethylene and is strong enough to endure the abuse hockey players are used to dishing out !  The panels are rigid and will not bend, they will not break, and they will not come apart !  The professional, original box hockey from International Sports Corporation is the only box hockey game that uses a real puck not some cheap plastic imitation that is so light it bounces out of the box !

Kids love box hockey, more than that, they love H-Box® box hockey from International Sports Corporation because it has round corners where the puck cannot get stuck.  It’s a f-a-s-t game !