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To The Man Who Has Everything – Give Box Hockey

To the man who has everything – give box hockey !  Whether it’s his birthday, an anniversary, he’s off to college or University or to join the military.  Perhaps it’s Christmas ?  Whatever the reason, if he already has everything, give him H-Box® !


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While box hockey has been around for well over a century, very few have heard of the game, even among die hard NHL® fans and many in minor / junior hockey associations around the country.

Box hockey has been played at a professional International level between Canada and the United States, way back in the 1800s.  Yes, that’s right, box hockey has been around as a great, home game since the 1800s.  Various companies have come and gone over the years, making their version of a wooden hockey box.  The problem is that a wooden hockey box has a lot of design problems, not the least of which is square corners, a base that isn’t smooth enough to allow the use of a puck and they are extremely heavy.

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The H-Box®, on the other hand, manufactured exclusively in the United States and sold throughout the world, has been around now for over 20 years !  It isn’t surprising that the box hockey product known as H-Box® has been around that long.  When you look at the product it immediately stands out from other home made and manufactured box hockey games.  Not only does it stand out as a professional quality product but it has features that make it more realistic than other box hockey products, air hockey, bubble hockey and other tabletop hockey products.

Everyone is always looking for a unique gift.  Especially if your special guy is a hockey nut, the H-Box® box hockey product by International Sports Corporation stands is the best gift you can give to the man who has everything.  The H-Box® box hockey game is cheaper than many other box hockey, air hockey and almost all bubble hockey products and far more realistic.

The H-Box® box hockey game is played with two to eight players with specially manufactured fiberglass sticks that add to the challenge.  If you’re an ice hockey player you’ll appreciate that challenge because it will force you to develop quick hands, an essential element to being a proficient ice hockey player.

NEW for 2017 – The H-Box® Box Hockey Quick Build Kit

H-Box® Box Hockey Quick Build Kit
H-Box® Quick Build

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Furthermore, the H-Box® is made of a specially formulated, fully recyclable, resin to make it possible to use a regular NHL® regulation ice hockey puck providing more realism, and with rounded corners.  The rounded corners make it almost impossible to trap the puck and rest while the game is in play !  Yes, the real NHL® regulation puck, unlike box hockey products that require you to use a ball or a hollow, small plastic disk like puck, makes H-Box® hockey very realistic.

As John Tucker, 12 year NHL® veteran says “You will have a lot of fun, build skills and get a great workout” !

If you are looking for a unique, economical, fun for the whole family gift this Christmas look no further than the H-Box® box hockey game.  At $499 (including free shipping) it’s cheaper than a video game and will provide hours of fun for the whole neighborhood !

So we think you’ll agree, to the man who has everything, the best gift is the H-Box® Pro Box Hockey game or the H-Box® Box Hockey Quick Build Kit !

Now available on Amazon through ERA Enterprises Ltd.

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