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NewNaz Youth Play H-Box

NewNaz Youth Play H-Box !

The H-Box Pro portable hockey box was a key part of the celebrations at the Newhall Church of the Nazarene’s 4th of July celebrations this month.

While parents were enjoying their burgers and salad, the youth were sticking it to each other across the H-Box Pro playing surface.  The smiles, the laughter, everyone had a great time.  Girls and boys of all ages waited their turn to get a shot at beating their friends.

Dads came to play to discover it just isn’t that easy to beat a 12 year old, and that this hockey activity, while fun, sure gets your heart going.

One player, who shall remain nameless, after giving up a goal 3 seconds from tap off had this to say:

What happened ?  That was so fast I didn’t even get a chance to think !

The H-Box is an excellent activity for youth groups of all types and all different associations.  ISC has a special discount program available for Boys and Girls clubs and other youth not-for-profit groups.

2 thoughts on “NewNaz Youth Play H-Box

  1. I was there !  What a cool game, I loved it.  It’s a bit too strenuous for me so I have to be careful.

  2. OK, I  was the one that got beaten so quickly, but I did win the first face off, don’t forget that !

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