NHL Teams Using The H-Box Hockey Box

We are pleased to be able to say that a number of NHL teams are now using the H-Box Pro Hockey Box as a part of their community outreach programs.  In addition to those already on board we have a number that are considering joining the H-Box Community Outreach program.

For those wishing to experience the thrill of ice hockey and the H-Box Pro Hockey Box we recommend following one of the links below and attending the teams community outreach program where they will have an H-Box available for you to try out yourself…and of course – join the team fan club !

Tampa Bay Lightning THUNDERBUG and the H-Box hockey box
Thunderbug and the H-Box

The Tampa Bay Lightning Rolling Thunder community outreach program has been using the H-Box at their events for a number of months.  For further information, please go directly to the Tampa Bay Lightning Rolling Thunder Page.

We have been using our H-Box at all of our events and it has definitely been a hit with fans thus far.  It is definitely an added element that we have enjoyed having out at our truck for events.

Ottawa Senators and H-Box Hockey

The Ottawa Senators Spartacat took delivery of his H-Box the week of August 5th and as you can see from this photo that it is already being put to good use.  Both the boys and girls in Ottawa are equally as interested in the H-Box hockey box !


For more information on where you can see the Ottawa Senators and the H-Box Pro go to Sparty’s Cub Club web page

Kids really love our new H-Box.

New Jersey Devils and H-Box Hockey

The New Jersey Devil’s mascot – Jersey Devil – acquired his H-Box Hockey Box kit and put it to good use at their Fan Fest event at last Monday nights game for the first time.  Apparently it was a big hit with the fans…

If you are a Jersey Devil fan, go directly to their online New Jersey Devils Fan Zone page and sign up for newsletters and become a Twitter follower !

We just implemented it (the H-Box) on our fan fest at Monday’s pre-season game and are looking forward to having it out on our plaza for tonight’s game as well.  The fans loved it.  – Jersey Devil

Florida Panthers Grassroots Marketing
Florida Panthers Grassroots Marketing

The Florida Panthers’ Grassroots Marketing and Youth Hockey Manager – John Colombo – acquired his H-Box Hockey Box the week of the 23rd February 2014 and assembled in on the 28th.

If you are a Florida Panthers fan, go directly to their online Fan Page page and sign up for newsletters and become a Twitter follower !

I just put it together this afternoon and so far it’s everything we wanted it to be.  It’s going to make its debut next Friday on our JetBlue tarmac.  I actually had to lock it up to keep the staff productive today. John Colombo

NordyWild of Minnesota Wild attends the H-Box booth at hockey expo.
NordyWild Of Minnesota Wild

Nordy Wild came over the H-Box booth at the Let’s Play Hockey Expo in Minnesota yesterday, March 7th to accept deliver of his H-Box.

We are very pleased to have Nordy and the Minnesota Wild join the H-Box team !

This is a very cool product, you guys have a great booth and we can see this really engaging our Minnesota Wild fans !  Thanks very much for the box, we’re going to have fun with it !

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