Retail Program

When you sign up as a retailer we give you:

  • An opportunity to sell the H-Box in their geographical area with good margins
  • We provide a demonstration H-Box at no up-front cost to your store
  • If we sell an H-Box off our web store into your catchment area, we will credit you with the sale and pay an affiliate commission to you
  • You do not need to stock the H-Box, except for the demo unit, and we will drop ship the H-Box direct to your customer at the same margins as if you were stocking the product in your store
  • We give you a one page identity on our web site that directs people to your store and your web site

To qualify to participate in our retailer direct program you must:

  • Have a bricks and mortar store selling new sports equipment.  You may also be engaged in selling used sports equipment in addition to selling new sports equipment.
  • Have been in business a minimum of 1 year
  • Have a web site that promotes your store
  • Be engaged in your local sports community
  • Be prepared to commit to selling the H-Box only in your local geographical region and not to ship product outside of that area to locations you cannot personally, directly, support
  • Be prepared to undertake local promotion of the H-Box.  Including the H-Box in your local advertising would qualify, as would regular presentations at the local hockey rink / minor hockey associations
  • Enjoy good, volume based, discounts from MSRP

If you feel that this program is attractive to you and you can meet these minimal requirements we want to hear from you.  We believe you could be a great partner for H-Box and that H-Box can be a profitable product for you.

Please use our contact form online to provide your contact information or send and email to  Our retail program manager will be in touch with you as soon as possible.