People Before Profit

Shaded Logo 01As a company, we believe in making a profit.  That is our goal.  We believe that, with good profitability we can provide a decent return to our investors, our employees and our trading partners whether they are distributors, resellers or suppliers.  Profits are necessary and, especially when trying to attract investors, we must provide an investment opportunity that is competitive and attractive to would be investors.

As a responsible corporate citizen, however, we also believe that our employees are investors.  They invest their lives in our company and, as such, deserve to be recognized as such.

Furthermore, in this day and age in America, we need to create well paying, stable, manufacturing jobs.  We believe that these jobs will be created one at a time by small to mid-sized companies such as our own.  While large corporations transfer thousands of jobs overseas, companies like ours are creating jobs at home.  We intend to keep doing so.

We believe that in order for Americans to be strong consumers they need to have well paying, stable employment.  It is our intention to keep as much of our manufacturing in America as humanly possible while at the same time recognizing that unless we make a profit we will benefit no-one.

Presently. all of our product is manufactured in the United States or Canada and we are looking for opportunity to move Canadian manufacturing into the United States.

We hope you will support our company in this endeavour.  We are a company of veterans and entrepreneurs and we look forward to the challenge.

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