First Order Pair Fiberglass Hockey Sticks


This is a pair of our high quality fiberglass sticks identified for delivery only with the purchase of an H-Box.  Your H-Box comes with a free, included, pair of sticks of whichever length you choose.

Only order this item when you are ordering an H-Box if you believe you need more than 2 sticks.

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The first order pair fiberglass hockey sticks is a convenient way to save 50% on an extra pair of sticks when you place your order for the H-Box.

You may order as many of these at the time of your original order as you wish but you may not order them without ordering an H-Box Pro at the same time.

The H-Box Pro portable hockey activity comes complete with a pair of fiberglass hockey sticks with a nylon tip attached at each end.  These are lightweight sticks but at the same time can withstand a significant beating.

When you order your H-Box Pro kit you will specify the length of H-Box stick you would like included in the box (adult, youth, mite / tyke).  If you wish to add additional optional sticks please select this item and indicate the length.  If you would like us to ship different lengths (perhaps 1 adult, 1 mite), please send us a note at the time you place your order.

[important]This price is per pair (2) of sticks.  You can only order this item when you are placing your initial order for an H-Box Pro hockey box.  If you order this item at any other time your order will be canceled.

Please note again, if quantity is set to 1, you will receive 2 additional sticks (a pair) for the price of one.  If set to 2 you will receive 4 additional sticks (for the price of 2).  The H-Box Pro comes with 2 sticks.[/important]

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 2 × 2 in
Stick Length

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