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Shipping To Canada – H-Box® Christmas Orders

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General Shipping To Canada

We are happy to let our customers and prospective customers know that yes, indeed, we do ship H-Box® box hockey products to Canada.

Shipping into Canada is, generally, an expensive proposition, in large part because of the freight, but customs clearance adds to that cost.

In order to control our costs, we generally do not ship individual product to Canada but rather delay the shipment until we have are ready to ship a pallet.  A full pallet of H-Box® box hockey products is 7 H-Box® Pro box hockey games.  If we can, we will normally hold the pallet until we have assembled a complete pallet.

However, we recognize that we cannot hold up delivery of your Canadian order forever- and when you’ve ordered a product a week can seem like forever !  Therefore, we will hold a pallet for a maximum of 2 calendar weeks from the original order for that shipment.  At the end of 2 weeks we will ship the pallet with however many H-Box® games it has to Canada.  These shipments go to Vancouver, British Columbia, and then will be shipped from there to their final destination.

So, what is your projected shipping time – using our standard ground shipping ?

If you’re H-Box® is the first order on a pallet then it could wait a maximum of 14 days before being shipped.  Shipping into Canada ground is typically 5 working days.  Once in Canada shipping time varies between 3 working days and 5 working days.  If we add all of that up, the maximum shipping time can be as much as 26 days (allowing for 1 weekend while the H-Box® is in transit).

However, if your order is the last H-Box® on the shipment your shipping time could be as little as 8 days.

The alternative to the above is to select a service other than our flat rate ground shipping.  In those circumstances we will ship your order directly to your address via FedEx and the total shipping time will be dependent on the service type you selected.

Christmas 2015 Orders

We recognize that most of you will want to receive your Christmas gift orders before Christmas.  Our committment to you is that we will insure that any orders received before December 7th 2015 will be shipped to arrive at your destination in time for Christmas.  We cannot guarantee freight company service but we will ship based on their delivery schedules and estimates to get you your order by December 24th 2015.