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Spartacat, The Ottawa Senators And H-Box

The Ottawa Senators Spartacat contacted us in early August to see if he could get into the same community outreach program under which we provided the Tampa Bay Rolling Thunder an H-Box.  We were very pleased to oblige and we are happy to announce that the Ottawa Senators NHL team and Spartacat, the team mascot, now have their very own H-Box Pro hockey box.

Kids really love our new H-Box, said Spartacat.

From the photos below you can see it is already generating lots of interest among the youngest Spartacat fans !

H-Box hockey box at the Ottawa Senators and Spartacat
Ottawa Senators Use H-Box To Engage Fans
International Sports Corporation is happy to partner with your team and the H-Box hockey box. Please contact our Marketing and Sales departments for more information about how your team can benefit from a relationship with H-Box Hockey !