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Unique Christmas Gifts

Everyone wants to find something different, many of us pend a lot of time looking for unique Christmas gifts – or indeed unique gifts for any occassion – for the people we care about.  Each year we search the stores, the Internet and start looking a month or more for that special gift for that special occassion whether it’s Christmas, a birthday, an anniversary or just a special time you want to commemorate.

If you are like me, you try hard not to buy cards and gifts made in China.  These days, that’s an increasingly difficult task, as is trying to find anything electronic not made in China, Korea or Indonesia.  We’re all looking for deals, right ?

Well, this year I want to suggest you take a look at our product, the H-Box® Box Hockey game.  Yes, it is a game, but it isn’t a toy.  It has a number of great features not the least of which is that it is made exclusively, and completely, in the United States.  If you can believe this, we have actually sold H-Box® box hockey to customers in Korea !

OK, so what is box hockey, you ask, and why would I consider buying it for my friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, kids, college student or someone else who you don’t think is particularly into hockey ?  The answer is simple:

H-Box® box hockey is F-U-N

 Not only is H-Box® box hockey fun, but it is unique.  So far as we know there are only two manufacturers of box hockey products on the planet, both of whom are in the United States.  Of course, we believe our product is vastly superior to our competitor.  We’ll leave you to be the ultimate judge.

Nevertheless, you can learn about box hockey right here.  Here are a couple of short videos that show you how the game is played and a few recommendations from both players and parents.

In a way, you could say that H-Box® box hockey is like air hockey, or bubble hockey, or table hockey.  You would be correct, to an extent.  But H-Box® box hockey is much more than air hockey, bubble hockey or even table hockey.  It is more like real, on the ice, hockey, apart from the skating.  Our box hockey game is a proportionately, scaled down, version of an NHL® ice rink.  Not only is it proportionately correct and looking like and NHL® ice rink, with the regulation puck and the high tech resins we use – completely recyclable of course – means it also plays like an NHL® rink.

The H-Box® has rounded corners, a smooth base and all the correct markings of a real rink.  The puck won’t get stuck in the corners and the ‘boards’ are lively, just like a real rink, so the puck will bounce off the wall.  We even ship H-Box® with two fiberglass sticks !

You can play box hockey on the H-Box® with just two people, as in the video, one standing on each side, with four people – 2 on each side, one playing offense and one playing defense.  We’ve even seen eight college age students playing box hockey on the H-Box® with each student taking a zone.

Well, that’s the fun summary.  If you are ready to order your unique box hockey game – H-Box® – you can do so right here, from our secure store by following this link – I Want An H-Box – or you can order it from Amazon or eBay.

Think about this.  You can buy a Warrior QR1 hockey stick  for $259, a Microsoft X-Box or Sony PS4 for $349 and then spend a bundle on couch potato games, or you can spend a one-time sum of $399 and have an activity that is fun for the whole family / college / dorm / school / team / municipality and stay fit at the same time !

Don’t go spending over $700 on an air hockey or bubble hockey game when H-Box® is just $399.  Not only will you get more fun, more exercise and save money with H-Box® but you will also be able to get it out of the way easily by tipping it up behind a couch, or hanging it on your man cave or basement wall when you want to do something else.

By the way, H-Box® box hockey is great for tailgate parties and pub patios.  We have a number of tailgate party organizers and pubs using the H-Box® on the patio.

Get you H-Box® today !