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Welcome San Jose Sharks & Barracuda

San Jose Sharkie
San Jose Sharkie

Welcome San Jose Sharks and Barracuda to the H-Box® box hockey team !  We are very pleased that you have picked H-Box® as the provider of your box hockey equipment.  We know that you and your fans will be very happy with the decision.

You are joining a rapidly expanding team of NHL® mascots that includes Spartacat of the Ottawa Senators, Victor E Green of the Dallas Stars, Nordy of the Minnesota Wild, Wild Wing of the Anaheim Ducks, Bailey of the LA Kings, Howler Coyote of the Arizona Coyotes, NJ Devil of the New Jersey Devils, Stanley C. Panther of the Florida Panthers and Thunderbug of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

This is so exciting, we almost have enough for 2 full lines.  In fact, all we need is a goalie !  Who will that be I wonder ?

Welcome to the club.

NOTE:  NHL® is a registered trademark of the National Hockey League.  Nothing in this post is intended to infer directly, or indirectly, that the NHL or any NHL franchise endorses any H-Box® product or the manufacturer of the H-Box® nor that it is fit for any particular purpose.  The NHL® trademark is used under fair-use law.