Box hockey is the great new sport taking North America by storm, in many instances replacing aging air hockey and Foosball® tables.  The H-Box® Pro Hockey Box is the only professional quality box hockey product on the market and in use by 8 NHL® teams at rinks around North America.

The H-Box® looks like a real ice hockey rink, plays like you’re on the ice and is the perfect gift for a hockey player regardless of age or gender.

More than that, the H-Box box hockey game is quickly replacing air hockey tables in parks and recreation, at tailgate parties and at homes all across the United States, Canada, Britain and Europe.

The H-Box® hockey box is light and strong at the same time and easily stowed out of the way when not in use.  The accessories include:

  • The sticks that are provided free with the full kit, and available in various lengths for appropriate ages, are made of a very strong fiberglass.
  • The puck is a regulation NHL® ice hockey puck made to slide easily on the H-Box® hockey box playing surface.
  • Recommendations on how to enjoy box hockey on the H-Box®.

Once you have gone beyond the regulation puck and are looking for a real speed challenge you can add on a Green Biscuit puck or use an in-line hockey puck that will have you gasping for breath in minutes (you will be breathing hard in minutes even with our regulation puck) !

Not only is H-Box® box hockey a great game it is also a great skill developer and tremendous workout.  You can have fun, develop your hockey skills and stay fit all at the same time.  Ask John Tucker, 12 year NHL® veteran who retired after his final season with the Tampa Bay Lightning to become the Tampa Bay Lightning Alumni Association President.  John is now also engaged with the Boston Bruins Hockey Team organization.

As of the date of this post there are 8 NHL® teams using the H-Box® as part of their community outreach.  The Arizona Coyotes, Tampa Bay Lightning, Florida Panthers, Ottawa Senators, LA Kings, Anaheim Ducks and Minnesota Wild all have their own H-Box® so check it out next time you go to see a game !

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H-Box® Pro Hockey Box


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The H-Box® Pro Portable Box Hockey game is also available on Amazon through ERA Enterprises Ltd.



The H-Box® Pro hockey box kit is a sports activity is sure to bring fun and physical fitness to you and your family !  The H-Box® is so much more than a hockey box game.  It provides real physical and emotional benefits to the players.  It will bring friends together and you won’t even need a referee !
 You can use the H-Box® Pro box hockey at your hockey school, at your youth group, your ice rink and your sports center to improve health and fitness.  The H-Box® Pro box hockey is an important tool available for improving stick skills and makes a great party activity.You could also just take one home and have fun setting up a tournament in the neighborhood !The H-Box® Pro kit comes complete with everything you need.  The ice like surface is approximately 7 feet long and 3 feet wide.  The kit includes the base and bolts necessary for assembly, two adult, youth or mite fiberglass hockey sticks, an H-Box® puck, a player’s guide and score keeping plates.Endorsed by NHL Alumni as a great training aid and as a way to keep fit while having fun the H-Box Pro hockey game is miles and away better than air hockey or bubble hockey tables.The H-Box® Pro Box Hockey box is now in use at 11 NHL teams.  Please see our partners page for more details.

NOTE:  If you want to order an additional pair of sticks, please use this link to get a pair of sticks for the price of one !

Additional information

Weight 56 lbs
Dimensions 43 × 35 × 8 in
Stick Length

, ,

Assembled Dimensions

Approx. 83" x 34" x 5.5"

or you can order through our Amazon store.

The H-Box portable hockey game is a patent pending, professional quality portable box hockey playing surface. It is an ideal tool for hockey schools, hockey teams and associations, recreation centers and youth groups, amongst others.