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World Air Hockey Championships And H-Box Box Hockey

This past weekend the annual world air hockey championships and H-Box® box hockey were at the University of Houston, Texas.

We had an excellent event, well attended by a record turnout and the event, as always, was extremely competitive.

Tim Weissman, President United States Air Hockey Association

Tim took some photos of fans and competitors trying out the H-Box® for the fist time and, no surprise, the response was a raised level of excitement and great competition.


I am very pleased we were able to be a part of the World Air Hockey Championships, 2015.  As we suspected, air hockey fans and players are impressed with the H-Box® box hockey product and we look forward to participating again in 2016.

Robert Heller, CEO International Sports Corporation

Air hockey is a great, high speed activity played on a table that has air holes in it with a light plastic disk and two paddles.  This allows the air hockey puck to slide quickly across the surface when hit by one of the players with their paddle.  As with H-Bo® box hockey, hand eye coordination and reaction speed critical elements in competing at air hockey, as they are with box hockey.

For more information on air hockey and the United States Air Hockey Association and the Air Hockey World Championships please follow this link to the US Air Hockey Association web site and at